Tuesday, 30 October 2012

FW: Only in Australia

Good to be back home....More to follow..
Regards,   Freddie Reese


Del said...

Freddie, good to see that you and Jenni made it home, all you need now is a good rest, I would imagine. Great pictures of Oz, I liked the one of the guys fishing from the flooded bench which reminded me of a painting I did some time ago, I'll post it later.

Anyway, it was good to see you both, just a pity that it was so short.

charlie brown said...

Great pick's Freddie, I was just wondering if the snake took the kookaburra because it was making it's early morning racket or it wanted a feed?
Who would have thought when as kid's running around the River Brent pretending to see the odd crock!!! you would one day live amoung all that wonderful Aussi wild life.

Freddie Reese said...

I bet the poor old Kookaburra didn't bargain on the snake being there when he hopped up for a drink from the gutter heh Charlie.

Check out the size of that big mother croc jumping up the side of the tourist boat mate!!!