Tuesday, 6 November 2012

FW: Cuckooites

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This is a photo of Sally Weston (nee Ware), her husband Derrick (the tall one) and Freddie Reese taken in Sally's back garden in September this year.
It was wonderful to catch up after what seems like a thousand years and although Derrick is not too well these days we all had a good old chinwag and Sally was in good spirits relaying stories from yesteryear with my wife Jenni, my brother John and his wife Milly, we shared a few stoiries and had a lot of laughs. It was all too brief a visit as we were on our way back to London from Cornwall, but somehow Sally managed to magically bake a very beautiful sponge cake for us, in something like twenty minutes flat...truly an amazing achievment..well done Sally, I might have to place a shipping order for more of them it was so good. 
Freddie Reese


Tommy said...

Great photo Freddy,it is so much fun to go back to our childhood and meet our old friends,you can look back on this trip home to the old country and you and your lovely wife can share the memory's for years to come.

Freddie Reese said...

Very true Tommy old mate, although we may not be able to remember who was who.he he

I will try and put a slide show together of some of the places we stayed at for those Cuckooites that are displaced around the world and possibly have fond memories of places like Cornwall and Devon.

Cheers Freddie Reese

JohnB said...

Thanks for all the photos you've posted lately Freddie, especially nice to see this one of Sally.
Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Talking of childhood friends and displaced Cuckooites, we don't seem to have a Lost and Found missing Cuckooites section anymore?
And my niece just asked me to ask if anyone remembers her mother's (my sister Carmela) friend Doreen Phillips from Westcotte Crescent (or maybe it was Browning Avenue, not sure right now).
I do check in now and then just to keep up, I appreciate what you, Del,Tommy and others are doing with the site.
Sorry I don't have much to say anymore, I think I've probably said too much in previous postings anyway.
Hopefully more Cuckooites, who are maybe new to this site, will eventually find us and their old friends by reading some the of years past stories and post some new comments of their own too.
Or who knows some Cuckooite who have abandonded their nest will return home to this site refreshed with a new twist on things.



Freddie Reese said...

J.B it's always good to hear from you mate, even a "hello" when you log on for a quick look is always welcome.

Doreens name certainly rings a bell with me John but like a lot of things relating to that era John the old memory needs a few jogs to put it all together. I have an idea that my sister in law Milly (nee Snow) might well have known her.

Is your better half fully recovered now from her op.?

Best wishes, Freddie

JohnB said...

Thanks for asking Freddie,
Yes she her arm has healed, hopefully well enough to shovel the snow this winter.

Freddie Reese said...

You are all heart J.B...ha ha ha

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