Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Going Cuckoo in Polperro, Cornwall

Freddie Reese Going 'Cuckoo" in Polperro, Cornwall.
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Del said...

I don't remember that house, Freddie. Is the 'Shell House' still there, do you know? In the days when I first lived in Looe you couldn't drive into Polperro and stop. Finally, a guy from the Midlands moved there and, by some shrewed operating, acquired a field at the bottom of the hill turned it into a car park, and made a fortune. I got the job of painting an enormous sign, positioned half way down the hill, to let drivers know it was there.

Freddie Reese said...

Yes Del the shell house is still there, although looking very jaded due to the weathering effect on the shells, many of which have since crumbled away it seems, but still quite impressive.

The carpark Del these days is located opposite the "CRUMPLEHORN" pub mate, is that where it was when you were there.?

There is a tram service that runs from the carpark to the middle of the town and costs currently one pound each way.

The town is still as quaint and as pretty as a picture mate with a sighting, by my sister-in-law Milly, of a dipper at the car park end of the stream that runs through the town and it still has a few juvinile trout in it.

Regards, Freddie

Del said...

I checked it on Google maps and yes, it's the same place, bottom of the hill and turn sharp right, but it's even bigger, these days.

The guy that started it went on to own a magnificent ranch style bungalow, above the village, then opened a huge discount store, a few miles away and followed that by buying up cottages for holiday lets. Not bad for someone who started out with a wishing well and lucky horseshoes. He really was a legend and a nice man, too.

Freddie Reese said...

It's always good to hear of a success story Del. It seems that you have to seize the oportunity when it arises mate.