Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fw: Brentside Photo,


I found cuckooites and thought I would send you my only photo from my time
at Brentside 1954-1959.

I joined when Mr Oliver was head. At the first assembly he said we had all
failed our 11 plus, therefore we could not expect to be doctors, solicitors
etc, but they would give us the skills to ensure we would never be out of

Mr Phillips took over as head in the second year. He was proud of his
Greaves scrambler motorbike - Greaves was his brother in law.

Mr Phillips has recurring malaria and eventually died of it.

When he arrived he discovered that no one had ever taken exams before, so he
put us in for RSA's and then asked who would like to stay on to take GCEs. I
think boys from 4A and 4B amalgamated to form a 5th year. I passed Maths and

In this photo I remember very few names.

The teachers from the left in the back row are Mr Davies?, Mr Morgan, Mr
Jones, Mr Williams (PE) Brian Bartholomew (Art - left to be Set Designer
with ITV).

On the far right is Jim Farr, and I am next to him.

Mr Davy (music) with the glasses is at the front.

Front left is Charlie Baker, with Bob Pearce just behind him.


John Dowell


Freddie Reese said...

Great photo John.

It was a bit after my time John, I would have been in my third year apprenticeship by then mate so can't help with identifying anyone.

Lets hope that some other Cuckooite can name a few for you.

Jack Fender said...

Trying to figure out where the photo was taken. Out in the playground maybe, or in the quadrangle beside the
main hall. Do you recall John?

John Dowell said...

Taken in the quadrangle

JohnB said...

what year was it taken John?

1958 or 1959?

Looks like Charlie Baker is about 13 or 14yrs old which would be about 1956 or 1957'ish.??
Who is the headmaster? He doesn't look like Mr.Phillips.

John Dowell said...

Would have been 1956. The headmaster isn't there. I believe Mr Phillips took over about this time.

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