Friday, 8 March 2013

Rag and bone man


The Editor said...

How many of you remember the rag and bone man.Sometimes you would get a goldfish in a jar for your junk.Left click to enlarge.

jakey said...

I remember a rag man, he got my dad to take all the metal out for him to look at & gave him a shilling or two knowing my dad did not want to put it all back in the shed. He let his horse go in gardens etc. not a nice man had an old over coat on all year round.
I also remember a milk man who let me have orange juice in a bottle the same size as the school milk.
I did not know he would put it on my mums bill, got a right telling off for that. this was the late
50s early sixties.
Great site.

Del said...

One of the totters also traded baby chicks for old clothes. What with those, and the occasional goldfish, my sister and I had quite a cemetery in one corner of the garden.

Jack Fender said...

I do remember Ernie, the United Dairies milkman. I used to help him pick up the empties. I'd go from my house at 1 Greatdown, all the way to the top at Wescott Cresent. I'd get a thrupeny bit. He also let me charge an orange juice to the bill. Till my mum found out, that changed in a heartbeat. As for dishonest rag & bone men. A mate of mine, David Oliver, (who lived at the bottom of Upfield) We must have been twelve at the time. He and I took all of the lead flashing off the roof of that old farmhouse that stood on the Ruislip Rd. It was next to the prefabs on Gurnell Grove. David climbed onto the roof , then tossed the lead down to me. We managed to wheel it all home on the crossbar of his bike, tires were flat as pancakes cause of the weight of all that lead. Him mum flogged it all to the R&B man who told her it wasn't worth much. We didn't get as much as a bag of crisps for all that work.

Freddie Reese said...

Of all the totters that I came across, and there quite a few..!! Old Dick Reeves was the most memorable. Dick lived just off the Greenford Rd., opposite the old incinerator and waste dump.

Dick was somewhat of an "urban poacher" and always had either a folding 410 shotgun under his large shabby overcoat or a small siverline ferret tucked away in one of the pockets.

Dick was probably a cut above the average totter, which was borne out by the very smart pony and trap that he used, the very same rig that he took his bride home from St Mary's Church in on their wedding day and ended up racing it across Greenford golf course on the way home...!!

I recall one very cold winters day, when I was duck shooting along the Brent at that very same stretch of river behind the dump/incinerator,that on crossing the old temporary Bailley bridge over the river, I heard a noise coming from under the bridge and looking down saw a mass of large white feathers floating down stream from under the bridge.

Looking down I saw old Dick and his dog lurking beneath the bridge and to wind him up I put on a very stern voice and asked "WHAT ARE YOU UP TO DOWN THERE"? Dick, not realizing it was me, responded " Just cleaning out me pidgeon loft Guv".

Now Dick must have had some very large pidgeons as the flight feathers floating on the water were about two feet long...!!

When Dick eventually realised that it was me on the bridge he let forth a string of colourful language (not repeatable here) and came clean about his furtive activity. He had shot a swan for his Christmas dinner....!!!

I bumped into him after Chistmas and couldn't resist asking "How was your Christmas bird Dick"

His response, as usual, was interspersed with colourful language stating basically that he "had to bone the bloody thing to get it into his oven"!!

There are many tales that I could tell of Dicks escapades, but I'll leave that for another time..

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