Friday, 15 March 2013

Thank you Freddy Reese

I want to thank Freddy for helping me with the Cuckooites site,He has become Co Editor and with his help I think we can keep the website keep fresh and inviting to all the visitors who frequent the site,We can no longer just talk about the old days on the estate we have pretty much existed that topic.We know want to find out where Cuckooites have finished up in their travels ,you may still live close to the Estate or have travelled thousands of miles like many of us have to new lands and new citizenships.Tell us about your self your accomplishments and your family's.'.Freddy and I grew up on Cuckoo Avenue,we went to the same class in school,new the same kids and played together as kids.We have so much in common and he finished up in Australia and I in the U S A .You all have a story to tell and we hope you will contribute to our site and we will try to keep it going.
Thanks Tommy

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Jack Fender said...

Thanks Freddie. I don't envy your position. We should see some interesting tales here in a bit.