Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fw: Sock Hop---turn your sound as loud as it goes....

Good day Tommy old mate, trust that you are both well?
You will just love this mate.......Turn up the volume and enjoy the journey....BLOODY MARVELLOUS!!!


Tommy said...

Brilliant Freddy,so many memories came flooding back as my teenage years flashed before me.Yom have made my day .

ted baker said...

Hi there Tommy.Sorry ive not been on for a while, Nothing to report, to be honest with you,im bit fed up with Anonymous. He is ruining in the site.Also facebook. im not on it and never will. by Ted

Freddie Reese said...

Good day Ted good to hear from again.

Tommy supplied me with all the passwords etc to edit the site but I have just had a hip replacement and have not yet got round to deleting all the 'Anonymous" crap that has found itsay onto the Cucks site again. I will need to go back over the emails from Tommy to refresh my mind on just how I get to dfelete this stuff.

It's a shame Ted as it seems that the site will coninue to be corrupted with unwanted, inane, nonsensical drivel from anonymous clowns who it seems have nothing to contribute and are just pushing their own barrow to flog their wares.

Best wishes Ted

ted baker said...

Hi there Freddie. heard from Del,I hope he is alright.Do know when i came on the site in 2009 there was loads of comments.Sad its gone this way now. used have a good chat about the old days. Now i understand there on Facebook, for now. Ted

ValB said...

Hi Freddie, you may remember me from a few years back when I was a bit more active on the Cuckooites site. Just wanted to say to you, Ted, Del and any other of the old 'uns looking in - "Merry Christmas". Maybe we can generate a bit more life back into the site, it was such good fun. On a personal level, were you in the CLB? If so you probably remember my brother Ken Bailey.
I have started a big project of trying to scan in to my computer all my photos and have been looking at CLB ones hence the renewed interest!

Freddie reese said...

Hi Ted. Sorry I missed your comment earlier mate, have not been on the old CUcks site for some time nowq ( Due mainly to all the "anonymous" Crap that started up.

DEl was in good spirits when we last spoke TEd, staying out of trouble and keeping warm and dry it seems.

Maybe the anonymous brigade will tire of the rubbish they put out and no one responding!!

Trust you had a good CHristmas TEd?

Best wishes, Freddie

Freddie Reese said...

Good day Val.

Yes Val I was a member of the CLB and. Marched around the estate on many a Sunday morning along with good mates, Joe Clancy, Charlie Brown, Peter Tierney, Terry Bransfield to name just a few.

The summer camps at Ladrum Bay in Devon were very popular and if I missed out on one I was really peeved off.

I trust that you are keeping well Val ? Was it yourself that organised the blind cricket events and are you still active in that area?

Good to hear from you again Val. If by chance you are in touch with Terry B then please pass on my best wishes to him.